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CSW - STX 2 Day Seminar Ben "Badger' Jones CSW Fight Team Coach

  • Martial Strength Training Academy 1010 U.S. 202 Branchburg, NJ, 08876 United States (map)

CSW - STX 2 Day Seminar Ben "Badger' Jones CSW Pro Fight Team Head Coach

The CSW Association seminar team was developed personally by Sensei Paulson. The first member of his team is long time student Ben Jones. Ben is the Head Coach of the CSW Fight Team and has been personally trained by Coach Erik for over a decade. He has been trained to deliver all of the programs available from the association.

Ben "The Badger" Jones
CSW Pro Fight Team Head Coach
Pro record: 8 – 4 | 1 no contest | 1 – 0 Muay Thai.
IFS Light Heavyweight Champion.
Former CSW Pro Fight Team captain.
Bellator Fighter.
Started training with Erik Paulson in 2004.
Catch Wrestling Specialist
Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Coached high school football for 8 years
Two time All-American – college football.
Played professional football for 4 years (CFL & Arena).

Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) No Gi Grappling/MMA

Sensei Erik Paulson’s system (CSW) blends Judo, Freestyle Wrestling, and Greco-Roman Wrestling with techniques and submissions from Shoot Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, and Catchascatchcan. CSW trains the individual to strike, clinch, takedown, and submit on the ground.

STX Kickboxing (Savate-Thai Cross Training)

The STX program is a hybrid striking system developed by Erik Paulson which focuses on explosive techniques in Boxing, Panatukan, Jun Fan/JKD Kickboxing, Savate, and MuayThai (Thai & Dutch methods). In STX Kickboxing, students will learn a blend of elbows, punches and knees from each art.

Saturday 2/2/18

Session 1. STX Kickboxing 10am to 12pm

Session 2. CSW - Combat Submission Wrestling 1pm to 3pm

Sunday 2/3/18

Session 1. CSW - Combat Submission Wrestling 10am to 12pm

Session 2. STX Kickboxing 1pm to 3pm

Attend 2 days for the best value, Saturday or Sunday and individual sessions available.

Space is limited and only 25 tickets are available.
$120 two days
$75 one day
$50 a session